Cutting-edge digital technology is one of the key pillars on which our services are built. It has all the advantages of recency and none of the baggage of legacy technologies. It leverages advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to make our operations efficient. The more efficient your business partner is, the better the service your customers can expect.

    As a transparent, real-time information-sharing platform, It also gives you control over your supply chain and logistics without the need to manage the underlying technology. We do that for you.

    Our technology platform is a force multiplier. For us as well as for you. It helps you reach and serve more customers than ever before. It positions you to grow your customers and revenues and deliver superior ROIs.

    Our technology platform connects the different moving parts of the value chain, like customers, delivery team and orders, in a transparent interface, which create efficiency and provide transparency to all stakeholders.

    Delivering has never been easier.


But what exactly does the system do?

  • It operates on an optimization technology that is alert to constraints like ‘shelf life,’ ‘product type,’ with the ability to add any number of additional constraints
  • Real-time rescheduling and re-routing is enabled, while keeping stakeholders informed.
  • It provides pick-up to delivery chain visibility, with dynamic updating as and when something changes. 
  • Environmental considerations are honored, with paperless ‘documentation’ and ‘carbon footprint’ sensitive delivery allocation.
  • It provides MIS and analytical reports that enable users to bring about further improvements in their business. 


Each business is unique. Hence, even the B2B system used by your business for its supply chain and logistics requirements needs to be set up to cater to that uniqueness. Our technology platform does just that. How?

The interface can be branded. Customers using the interface for tracking or scheduling will see you as the provider.

Multiple carrier service providers can be aggregated on the platform. You could use our delivery services or that of another delivery partner. Using the technology does not force you to use our delivery services.

It provides operational control to clients integrated into the application. They can set up the system based on the requirements of their business. Some of the choices available cover:

As a 360-degree system, it serves the needs of all stakeholders.


Our technology lives in an inter-connected world, just as we do. Our platform integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of delivery channels and platforms as well as ERP, CRM and warehouse management systems. To use the full capability of our delivery platform, all you need to do is get connected into it through the exchange of APIs. Platform-specific integration can also be done, with a prior agreement and plan.